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Raya D. Sunshine, PhD.

Yoga and cuteness/patriotism overload!

Hah, I am super sore from yoga yesterday. Well, not SUPER sore, I mean I can still walk, but I can also feel every single muscle in my back. This is why it's important to do yoga with a teacher --- she pushes me so much harder than I push myself, and also helps me get into (or sort-of into) poses that I can't possibly contort myself into without help. Anyway, feels good.

I did not also do cardio because I was late getting to the gym and only really had time to set up my mat and get started doing sun salutations before my teacher showed up. However, I did meet up with Mr Raya and some friends afterwards and three of us walked home through the park -- a gentle 2-mile saunter, because it was stupidly hot outside. The last two nights we have broken down and put on the A/C in the bedroom, because even I with my hardcore "NO WE MUST ADAPT TO THE CLIMATE IN WHICH WE LIVE" attitude (and desire to save electricity) cannot quite handle trying to sleep in a room that's airless *and* hovering around 100 degrees F (or 35 degrees C for the metric crowd). Maybe if it weren't so humid....but it is.

Patriotism/cute overload: those who know me know that I think patriotism is not a virtue but a sentimental indulgence, one to be disciplined and kept in perspective rather than cultivated. That said, I do really really love New Zealand and love it even more when outsiders dig it too. So naturally I was completely charmed to find this video of Imran and Sonam (the stars of "I Hate Luv Storys") being tourists in NZ and loving it!

You can also follow their great NZ adventure in more detail through this series of videos (7 minutes each):

Imran and Sonam's excellent adventure in New Zealand part 1

Part 2
Part 3

I also love the way NZ scenery is used in this song:

Sonam Kapoor reminds me a great deal of Emma Watson -- or perhaps it's that her character in this film is quite similar to Hermione's in the later HP films (Goblet of Fire and on). Hard-working, serious, detail-oriented, annoyed by her lovable but immature and bumbling suitor-to-be (who has yet to figure out that he's supposed to step up to the plate as romantic hero). But she has the same kind of delicacy, elegance, and infectious smile -- with the offscreen persona to match -- that EW has. And, of course, they're both of that very thin, frail-shouldered body type -- but who in the movies isn't, these days. Sigh.

Imran is just adorable.

Man, I need to go back to New Zealand soon. I wonder if I can swing the time and money over Xmas break. Probably not, sadly.
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